Sight Restoring Surgery by Southeast Tennessee’s Most Experienced Eye Specialists

As we age, the lenses within our eyes slowly become less flexible, thicker and more opaque. By age 75, nearly 70% of all individuals develop cataracts that are visually significant. When this happens, surgery to remove the clouded lens is the only viable option to restore optimal vision. SouthEast Eye Specialists are leaders in the field, performing thousands of cataract procedures every year. Our physicians are experienced in the latest surgical techniques and in the use of the newest generation intraocular lens implants (IOLs). Because we are a referral-only practice, we are trusted to treat patients who have complex medical problems. Despite performing large numbers of complex cases, we encounter fewer surgical complications and achieve outcomes which far exceed the national average.

Our board certified ophthalmologists who perform cataract surgery are: John R. Bierly, M.D., Edward A. Peterson M.D., D. Lee McDaniel M.D.T. Peter Lindquist M.D., William M. Goodman, MD and John S. Kim M.D.

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