The Silent Thief of Sight

Glaucoma is often called the “silent thief of sight.” Undetected and untreated glaucoma can cause permanent and irreversible vision loss. Yet, in its earliest stages glaucoma presents no symptoms, no pain and no loss of sight. All of our doctors are trained and qualified to medically manage glaucoma. In cases where patients require surgery, Drs. D. Lee McDaniel and John S. Kim are fellowship trained in all aspects of glaucoma treatment. Using the latest technologies, such as non-invasive SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty) and other conventional procedures, such as trabeculectomy and tube-shunts, Drs. McDaniel and Kim are committed to providing the best possible outcome for his patients.

For medical management of glaucoma:

Daryl F. Mann, O.D.
Robin M. Brady, O.D.
Zachary S. McCarty, O.D.
Sonya Smoak, O.D.
Leslie Phillips, O.D.
Reed Parker, O.D.

For surgical treatment of glaucoma:
D. Lee McDaniel, M.D.
John S. Kim, M.D.

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