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Pediatric Eye Specialists

Children aren’t just small adults and their vision problems, whether simple or complex, require a special approach.  At Pediatric Eye Specialists, we strive to provide the best medical and surgical care in an atmosphere of calm and caring. Partnering with the patient, the family and the referring physician, our physicians and staff strive to achieve a positive experience for all and optimal vision health for your child.

With the area’s only fellowship-trained pediatric ophthalmologist on staff, we specialize in the treatment of pediatric eye disease, including, but not limited to: amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eye), ptosis of the eyelid (droopy eyelid), nasal lacrimal duct obstruction, eye infections, and many other medical problems of the eye.

Dr. Edward A. Peterson is board certified in ophthalmology, with a pediatric ophthalmology subspecialty.  Dr. Rachel Brown completed a residency in pediatrics following optometry school.  Both are trained to meet the unique medical and surgical needs of the pediatric patient.


How long is a typical pediatric eye exam?

The pediatric eye exam is a lengthy process due to both the complexities of the ocular structures and the many treatment options available.  If your child requires dilation during their exam, please be prepared to wait up to three hours for the evaluation.  Typically children with dark eyes take longer to dilate than children with light eyes.  Dilation is safe and reverses within a day or two.

Which visits will require my child’s eyes to be dilated?

Your child’s eyes will generally be dilated on the initial visit and once a year after that.  However, there are certain eye diseases, such as retinal and optic nerve problems, which require dilation on a more frequent basis.  Dilation may also be required if your child’s vision has worsened or the doctor suspects a change is needed in the glasses prescription. The information obtained from dilation insures the best possible vision improvement for your child.

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