Strabismus & Adult Motility

Correcting Crossing of the Eyes

When eyes are misaligned and do not move together correctly, the condition is called strabismus. It can greatly affect vision, depth perception and physical appearance. Strabismus can often be corrected through surgery. Physicians at SouthEast Eye Specialists have helped patients who have been told nothing could be done to correct their condition. In addition to improving the quality of vision, strabismus surgery may restore the eye’s natural alignment. Dr. Edward A. Peterson has unique expertise. He is one of few fellowship-trained physicians in both pediatric and adult strabismus in the region. He has performed thousands of successful strabismus surgeries on children, as well as adults.

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For basic evaluation and non-surgical management:
Zachary S. McCarty. O.D.

For patients with surgical needs:
Edward A. Peterson, M.D.

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